baby safe concept

The Baby Safe Concept

The ‘Baby Safe Concept’ is a new and innovative reclinable car seat, designed with safety as the main priority.

Developed for 0-4 years old, it is the first car seat of its kind to address the problem of the ‘Head flopped forward’ position, which can occur while driving as a child sleeps.

With an increased risk of airway restriction, and possible neck injuries to a child left in this position, the Baby Safe Concept can be reclined simply and quickly at the touch of a button, from the driver’s position.

With it’s unique ‘Hands free’ technology there are no wires to get tangled, or for little fingers to play with. Making it the most safe and simple to use car seat on the road, while ensuring that your child has a safe and comfortable journey.


✓ Rear facing car seat for 0-4 year olds

✓ ‘Hands free’ reclining


✓ Rechargeable battery & LED battery power indicator

✓ Rotates 90 degrees to get baby in and out

✓ Comfortable seat with head support and 5 point harness




First wireless, ‘Hands free’ reclining car seat. No wires. Control at the touch of a button.
Controlled simply and quickly from the driver’s seat, you can recline your child’s car seat whilst maintaining full control of the vehicle at all times, avoiding an increased potential for accidents on today’s busy roads.



3 anchorage points increase ease of installation and safety to child.
Easily install your car seat securely using ISOFIX technology. As the car seat is directly attached to the car chassis, in the event of braking sharply or a collision, less force will be exerted on your child reducing the chance of injury.



To increase ease of getting your baby in and out of the car seat.
The manual rotation feature reduces awkward positioning for placing a child in the seat, preventing back problems for parents as the child grows older.



Optimum comfort and protection for your child.
Padded head support ensures the seat is comfortable for your child and using the five-point harness you can adjust the straps to perfectly fit the size of your child’s body, ensuring that they are fully secure. In the event of a collision, the five-point harness works by distributing the forces of impact across the strong, rigid body parts and into the seat, which can reduce the chance of injury.



Rechargeable battery and LED battery power indicator.
With a rechargeable battery and LED power battery indicator you can easily see when your power is running low and simply recharge the battery.

The Baby Safe concept is rear and front facing from 15 months onwards,
but we recommend staying rear facing until 4 years old, here’s why…

1. Research shows Rearward Facing Car Seats are Safer

Frontal collisions are both the most dangerous and common car accidents:

-A baby in a forward facing car seat will continue to move forward until restrained by their harness which can put an immense amount of pressure on their neck, spine and internal organs, causing severe injury because a baby’s body is not fully developed.

-Whereas, in a rearward facing car seat a frontal collision has the effect of pushing the baby further into the seat. This means that the baby’s head and back is supported, which consequently reduces movement of the head and the pressure on the neck.

2. Changing Car Seat Legislation

Existing regulation: 

-The ECE 44 standard specifies that children under 9kg in weight have to sit in a rear-facing seats.

New regulation: 

-The i-Size car seat legislation was bought into effect in the UK at the beginning of July 2013 (however, it does not currently replace existing legislation, but sits alongside it)

-i-Size requires children to stay in a rear-facing car seat until they are at least 15 months old.