Follow the story of how the founder, Lisa Walford, initially realised the need for safer car seats for babies and developed the idea of the ‘Safe Sleep Seat’.

Lisa’s personal experience as a mother and first hand experience dealing with road traffic accidents, when previously employed as a Metropolitan Police Officer in London, have instilled in her an unrivalled passion, fuelling her journey to produce and manufacture the Safe Sleep Seat: the first wireless, ‘hands free’ reclining car seat.

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The Safe Sleep Seat Story

From Concept to Product Development: find out how the ‘Safe Sleep Seat’ idea was born.

The Problem...

I first thought of the idea for the Safe Sleep Seat when my two daughters were babies.

When we would go out in the car they would regularly fall asleep, ending up with their head flopping forwards, down onto their chest. They looked very uncomfortable and would dribble all over their tops! Consequently, I would end up having to stop the car, get out to recline the car seat and move their head into a more comfortable position.

The Idea...

I began to talk about this with some of my friends who also had babies, and discovered I wasn’t the only one who had this problem. After months of this happening on a regular basis and many wet tops later, I then started to think how this could be resolved. Trying to recline while driving was dangerous and having to stop and recline was inconvenient. This problem was exacerbated if I was on a busy road, the weather was bad or if I was alone at night. That’s when the idea of ‘The Safe Sleep Seat’ was born.

The Design...

I began working on the Safe Sleep Seat in April 2014, when I conducted a patent search, which revealed that there was nothing on the market that addressed these problems. I then began designing the workings and functions of the car seat from a practical, parenting point of view and drawing on my experience as a Metropolitan Police Officer in London.

Further Research...

While working with a great company who completed my design boards, I began doing more research into the effects of leaving babies in the ‘Head flopped forward’ position. What I discovered was shocking and this gave me the drive to further my research and to pursue my goal of developing a safe product, which resolved the dangerous issue of the ‘head flopped forward’ position.

Prototype Development...

Utilising the results of my thorough research, a prototype of the ‘Safe Sleep Seat’ has now been developed.




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Experience as a mother and professional experience dealing with road traffic accidents has created an unrivalled passion.