our research results

1. What’s your first reaction to this new product idea?

  • Very Positive 71.89% 71.89%
  • Somewhat Positive 23.04% 23.04%
  • Neutral 5.07% 5.07%
  • Somewhat Negative 0% 0%

Brilliant- nothing else like it on market.

Sounds very safe and practical.

Solves a very common problem, provides peace of mind.

Love the idea of hands free control.

Very imaginative product on to a winner.

Innovative, safe, convenient.

The unique safety to the product, there isn’t any other product out there like it. It’s a brilliant idea.

2. How well, if at all, does the word ‘Innovative’ describe this new product?

  • Extremely/Very Well 91.26% 91.26%
  • Moderately Well 7.77% 7.77%
  • Slightly Well 0.97% 0.97%
  • Not at all Well 0% 0%

3. If this product were available today, how likely would you be to buy this product?

  • Extremely/Very Likely 74.30% 74.30%
  • Moderately Likely 20.67% 20.67%
  • Slightly Likely 3.91% 3.91%
  • Not at all Likely 1.12% 1.12%

Very well thought, wish it was on the market now.

It’s a well thought out product and the two ladies we met at the Baby Show ExCeL sold the product 100% amazing points and can’t wait to buy the product.

Fantastic product, would definitely buy! Well done.

Fabulous idea something that is needed on the market.

Safety is very important to me and I think it is the best product I have seen.I like the way you can straighten the baby at the touch of a button instead of having to stop to make the baby comfortable.

No stopping when baby falls asleep, amazing.

4. How likely is it that you would recommend our new product to a friend or colleague?

  • Extremely/Very Likely 84.91% 84.91%
  • Moderately Likely 13.41% 13.41%
  • Slightly Likely 1.68% 1.68%
  • Not at all Likely 0% 0%

5. When you think about this new product, do you think of it as something people NEED or something people will WANT?

  • Need 25.70% 25.70%
  • Want 22.35% 22.35%
  • Both Equally 51.96% 51.96%

This is a necessity.

Product to solve a real problem, not just luxury.

Anything that improves childrens safety is essential.

This product has highlighted an area of safety I had not considered.

Needs to be balanced with quality and price.

The safety, you can never ever be to careful where children are concerned. The quality of the product for the price you pay. It’s something I can buy even though I’m a young mum, it’s not just for parents who are better off.

6. When you are considering new products in this area, what are the top two things you generally consider?

  • Price 32.40% 32.40%
  • Brand 2.79% 2.79%
  • Innovation 13.97% 13.97%
  • Quality 21.79% 21.79%
  • Value 22.91% 22.91%

Our Research

Our research results were collected from a number of sources, including online surveys via Smart Survey and the Baby Safe website, questionnaires collected at Baby Shows at Excel, Birmingham NEC, Olympia, and via Your Baby Club’s on-line website.

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